Sport Dog Obedience Overview

Sport Dog Obedience Overview

Sport Dog Obedience Overview

Sport Dog Foundations

In any dog sport, we are working to get the dog working in this mysterious thing called drive. If youre a dog sport person, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not, I am talking about the dogs that you perceive as pesky and out of control, always chasing things…I just see drive and potential (okay, that’s oversimplification, but you get the point).

In order to maximize your ability to have productive obedience with this type of dog, we must first learn to interact in a productive way with your dog through play. Ever been bit by a dog while trying to play with them? Dog loves to chase the ball but doesn't bring it back? Dog loves to play keep away? The first step is to learn how YOUR DOG interprets your movements in play and how we can use that to engage them in productive play. Productive play means that you and your dog have a cohesive (non-confrontational) relationship over their toys. You and your dog will learn to interact to maximize your individual dogs drives for the play (tugs/balls, or even sometimes, food...whatever it is that works for your dog...but the focus is tugs/balls/personal body movements). For young dogs, we work on assessing prey drive, we work with you to develop it from the beginning. By your dog learning to love to engage in play with you, you have a really big tool in your training toolbox.

Second, once you have mastered the mechanical aspects of developing what we call Play Skillz, then it is time to start bringing your obedience into the play. Once your dog wants to play with you, then we can start having them "earn" the play. Why is this beneficial? As your dog is playing, they climb into that heightened arousal know the one that they go to when they see the cat, or the mailman? By learning control in this state you can increase your obedience during all of these heightened arousal state. We focus on slowly building the stimulation for your dog, while your dog must still respond to you in order to get their toy; but they quickly find out that listening to you is what gets them their toy and positive interaction that can equal the drive release they get from say, chasing the cat. When you get control in this type of drive state, your obedience level gets stronger and stronger. This is also a great way to prepare for obedience during protection work for those people seeking to go on to protection type work. You will see us teaching our dogs about running around blinds for the toys, learning about transports, this class, but this class isn’t only for the Bite sport dog.

This class is super for any dog who is regularly highly aroused and you need to get control. Crazy barnhunter? This is for you…Crazy ball dog? This is for you. Crazy pet dog who loves to chase everything, ball, cats, etc..this is for you, Dock Diver having control issues on the dock? This is for you…or maybe you need to bring out the crazy a little bit to get some ground work in for dock diving…this, too, is directed to you!!

We work on individualizing everyone’s program. Prerequisite; Initial set of private lessons or instructor approval.

Prices: $30 one session; $125 for five sessions; $200 for 10 sessions.