First Visit

First Visit

ROAD: Keep in mind that part of the GCPR experience is our awesome views and spacious land. But in order to give you those views surrounded by lots of empty land, we had to have a couple of hills and a long dirt road to travel to get back to us. This keeps our canine guests far away from the highway. While our driveway is really conveniently located on Hwy 104 (the Hwy between Hwy 88 and Ione) appx 1/4 mile from Hwy 88, in order to get back to our boarding facility, you must come traverse our dirt road for appx .5 miles. The road is quite safe but is one lane, so please travel slowly. We highly advise NOT washing the car right before you come. Bothered by dirt roads? No worries, we can pickup and drop off at your location. Just check out our services for our current price list.

ARRIVING:  When you are driving up our road, you will see signs that offer you the option of going to the Training Field, the Pool, or Boarding.  All training activities (except for the pool) are currently located on the Training Field.  If you are here for an appointment in the pool, continue following the signs to the pool. If we are with another client when you arrive, please ensure that you remain in the parking area and do not disrupt the other clients session. Don’t be alarmed if you don’t see anyone there.  Our training staff has responsibilities in the Boarding Area, at the Pool and at the Training Field, so we are constantly moving around.  Please do not call us to tell us you are there, if it is prior to your appointment time.  We typically arrive 2-5 minutes prior to the beginning of an appointment.  If you are up at the field, and you think you have an appointment and no one shows up (remember, you should always have an email appointment reminder) then you should give us a call or come down to the boarding office (you will be blocked at the gate, but you can press the call button).

PARKING: Please proceed to the right when you drive into the training field.  Make sure to park wherever you would like in the large parking lot.  If you are there for Barn Hunt, please don’t park directly in front of the Straw Bales.  If you are heading to the pool, (you can’t miss it)  please ensure that you park on the South Side (the far side) of the pool.

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU GET THERE (private lesson): If you are there for a private lesson, you may take your dog out to acclimate and potty your dog.  Please wait until you are called before you proceed to the Patio area for your appointment (unless you are the first one there, then you are welcome to proceed the patio area early if you would like).

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU GET THERE (group class):  If you are coming for a group class, you may certainly pull your dog out to potty but do not let your dog interact with the other dogs.  Please observe the FACILITY RULES sign and familiarize yourself with them.  They are there to keep everyone safe. If you are there for Saturday Night Group OB you have likely been to the facility before, BUT, please remember to NOT bring your dog to the patio area unless the instructor is aware of and approves it.  It is important that each dog on the field gets what they need. Some dogs do exercises off leash, and we need to ensure that everyone is safe.  There are opportunities to bring your dogs to the patio during group times, but only when the instructor indicates it.

POTTYING: You should plan to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your appointment so that you can take the time to get your dog pottied in the burm (at the training field) area (there are signs).  Please do not allow your dog to potty on the training fields.  Please ensure to clean up after your dog.

WHAT TO BRING TO YOUR FIRST SESSION (training field): Bring your dog, preferably on a flat collar.  If you feel you need a corrective collar for safety reasons, do what you feel you need to and we will discuss it upon your arrival.  Our goal and focus is training with flat collars in the beginning and then the thoughtful use of mechanical collars if needed.  You should bring some yummy treats that your dog values.  And you should consider not feeding your dog within 6 hours or so of our appointment.

WHAT TO BRING TO YOUR FIRST SESSION (pool) : Bring whatever it is that motivates your dog!  We encourage everyone to bring some treats, but the pool is typically about toys.  Whatever toy your dog loves is what to bring.  We have had an odd assortment, so no worries about what you bring.  Sometimes, if a dog toy drive isn’t developed quite enough, we need food to encourage them to start down the ramp.  So bring whatever is appropriate for your dog.  Additionally if you have a life jacket already bring it.  Do not feel that you need to go buy one.  We have several life jackets available.  Some people may want to use them long terms, and so it behooves them to get one fitted specifically for their dogs, however, the resort jackets do the trick for most dogs for the short time they need them.  In addition, consider bring towels (for both you and your dog).  While we cannot allow people in the pool, I guarantee, you’ll be as wet as your dog by the time we are done.