Events Overview

Dog Sport Events

Welcome to GCK9! Below you'll find the events we help train you and your dog to participate in.

Dock Diving

We are a Premiere Facility with North American Diving Dogs and hold events regularly! We even occasionally host a Splash Dogs Event. We are proud to a be facility that serves the Amador, Calaveras, Folsom, Granite Bay, El Dorado, and Greater Sacramento/Stockton areas.

Dock Dog Diving is one of the fastest growing dog sports out there. Come join the fun here at our new Dock Dog Diving Facility. Whether you want to compete in UKC sanctioned events (hosted by Splashdogs), earn AKC Titles through North American Diving Dogs, or you just want an afternoon of fun, come check out this super new sport. Dock Dog Diving is about teaching your dog to jump as far and as high as he can into the pool.

One of the great things about dock Dog Diving is it is totally FUN! There is not much formal obedience required...just the desire to come have a blast! “It’s not rocket science, but it is” is a favorite saying around here. Most of our dogs just love to jump and jump for the sheer joy of it (okay, the pretty ribbons, you get during an event are pretty cool too!). You don’t have to be a big jumper to have fun…this sport is for all dogs!!! Beware, loss of voice has been known to occur after you are on the dock!!

If your dog has never jumped before, we require you to attend an Introduction to Dock Diving class. It’s awesome if your dog is already a competent swimmer in a pool (or at least a natural body of water, which is the easiest place for dogs to learn to swim)…but it is definitely not required. Some people repeat the intro class multiple times until their dog is reliably jumping. We also are adding an additional coached class Dock Diving 201 to help start you on the path for some confidence and technique. We also do private lessons in the pool if you can’t make the Intro class or are not comfortable around all the other dogs. Once your dog has passed the basic requirements of ramp safety, you are allowed to rent the pool to practice jumping or just swim your dog during the week (including weekends).


Designed to demonstrate a dog's willingness to work with his handler in a variety of situations, agility is an athletic event that requires conditioning, concentration, training, and teamwork. Dogs and handlers must negotiate an obstacle course while racing against the clock.

Agility is a great form of exercise for both dog and handler, and a fun way to bond. And you don't have to compete to enjoy agility. Taking an agility class offers many other benefits. But many people start the sport just for fun, only to get bitten by the agility bug and become lifelong competitors!

Barn Hunt - Got Rats? Let's Find Em!

Barn Hunt is a cool new sport sweeping the nation and it's not just for terriers. Taken as an offshoot from the original AKC "Earth Dog" Competition, Barn Hunt was started to broaden the sport for all competitors and not be limited to just small terrier breeds.

This is a fun new sport where you and your canine partner search bales of straw looking for the live (well contained and protected) pet rats that are hidden. And no harm ever comes to the rats nor are they ever loose (thankfully for me!!!). This is a great way to use your dogs natural instincts in a working partnership and you can have fun and earn titles to boot!!

Nose Work

Ever think that your dog should have been a detection dog? "He just has the greatest nose!" Good news! Now, anyone can participate in detection work for fun through a great new sport called Nose Work! We can help you prepare your dog to obtain titles in this fast growing new sport. Even better news, this is one of the few areas that don't require that your dog be good around other dogs.

This sport was designed as something that could be done even with 'dog reactive' dogs. You will never face another dog during an actual nose work trial so everyone can participate! Interested in nose work? Come check it out.