Dock Diving Classes

Dock Diving Instruction

Here at GCK9 we can assist you in starting or improving your dogs skills in dock diving through group classes, individual instruction and seminars that we bring to the facility. Safety is our primary focus. We start all students (except for private lessons) in Dock Diving 101. This class we focus on assisting your dog to acclimate to the pool if they have never been in one and jump off the dock. Once your dog is jumping off the dock, we can assist you in Dock Diving 201 in working on your teamwork and improving performance. These classes fill very quickly. If you have a small group and want to set up a class for your group, give us a call and we are happy to coordinate with you. If you prefer the private lesson setting, we can absolutely schedule that for you as well. Scroll down below or give us a call to schedule your appointment.

Pool Group Lessons

Pool Private Lessons