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We know you are busy. Or maybe your overwhelmed with your dogs behavior. We do recognize that while the ideal situation is for us to train you to train your dog, not everyone has the time or ability in today’s busy lifestyle. And sometimes, it just takes a skilled trainer to work with your dogs behavioral issues to help you get on the right track. Let us help you get started on the path to a right relationship with your dog again. The benefit to the Residential Training Program is that we have lots of experience with dogs and can fairly effortlessly teach your dog the basics. With clear instruction, based on years of experience your dog will quickly understand what we are asking of him/her. Then we have to teach you. But, because the dog already understands, the process is shortened considerably.

The Dog Training Process

First, when you drop off your dog you meet with the trainer, if you haven’t already, to thoroughly discuss your dogs issues and your goals. We discuss training methodologies and make a strategic plan for your dog that you are comfortable with. We have a thorough process for teaching your dog. First, we start off teaching the dog the basic commands through positive reinforcement. They work several times throughout the day. In this way, we are able to promote bonding and develop a relationship with them while we are teaching them all the basic commands in a quiet environment. After they understand the commands and are eagerly working..then we start increasing systematically the type of distractions that they encounter. It starts out with just small distractions around the facility. IMG_3949

We work to gradually increase the stimulus around them, while we start making sure that not only do they want to do the exercises, they also learn that it is not optional! Once they master the distractions of the facility, we take them out on small excursions to our local town of Ione, and increase distractions once again. As they master that and are successful, we bring them up to Jackson, and finish up with working through busy parking lots and shopping centers. We don’t usually go to a bank without toting one of our dogs along. But we don’t stop there. How do we know that our system works? Because the next step is that a secondary trainer, who did not work with the dog, takes the dog out and follows the same process. This helps to generalize the behaviors to people who are not the primary trainer. Only after the dog is successful with the secondary trainer, is it time to bring you back into the process.

The People Training Process

First, you come to our facility and spend 60-90 minutes with the trainer in a training session (for both you and the dog) right off the bat. Now that we have made the progress with the dog, it is time to turn our focus to you. Make no mistake, dogs are not robots. When your dog returns home with you, it will be with homework for both of you to do. The dog knows it, now the dog needs to know you know it. Your first week will involve a highly structured return home with positive reinforcement homework. We want to set the dog up for success. After 5-8 days, the trainer will visit you in your home and go over what’s going well and where we need to brush up. The trainer will show you how to insist on correct behavior and leave you with the ability to reinforce all commands. But we don’t stop there.

Continued Support

We provide unlimited support in our group classes for you for three months following the return home. You will also always have access to our video library. And of course, you are welcome to have us brush up his training from time to time when you board him here with us at a discounted rate.


The basic obedience package is approximately 4 weeks long where your dog resides at our facility. We occasionally ask to keep them a bit longer, but we don’t charge you more. We do that for dogs that are particularly overwhelmed. Often they are dogs with some of the behavioral issues. We recognize that four weeks is a long time, but it is important for us to take some time to build a working relationship with your pet. Keep in mind that facilities that advertise training your dog in a week or two, are not using techniques that are “fair” to the dogs. This can lead to a lot of fallout from the dog (i.e. significant stress). By taking our time, we can minimize the stress that your dog feels during the training process.

We teach the dog Name recognition, Walk on a loose leash, heel, sit, down, stay, wait, come and “place” (remain quietly on a bed, for up to 30 minutes or longer). Your unruly pup will have all the basics to be a great member of society. We teach the commands, but more importantly we execute them under high intensity distractions.

The price for dogs with no significant behavioral issues is $1950. (Overly rambunctious does not count.)

The base price for dogs with significant behavioral issues (i.e. aggression issues…not overly rambunctious), starts at an additional $300

If you have dog aggression, or other serious behavior issues, or other things you want taught, we can certainly customize a package for you. Keep in mind that we book up fairly quickly. In order to maximize results, we limit the number of residential students at any given time. We do not take Residential Student during the months of November and December absent exceptional circumstances.

Let us help you make your dog GREAT!!!

Let us help you make your dog GREAT!!!