The Fun Place To Stay!

With care customized to suit your dog’s needs, our dog boarding facility is perfect for your furry family member. We also provide everything your dog will need for a pleasant stay, including bedding, bowls, toys and treats.

Individual enclosures are climate controlled year-round with happy music playing in the background. Our enclosures are spacious and airy, in a variety of sizes. Our larger enclosures are designed for larger families, friends who want to visit with each other, or those who enjoy their privacy.

Luxury Accommodations

Our luxury accommodations are the standard at Gold Country Pet Resort.  We have planned our luxury boarding down the the minute details to maximize your pets comfort while they are here.     Each canine guest has their own “hotel suite”. The suites vary in size to accommodate our multi-pet families and range between indoor space of approximately 40-64 square feet.  Each suite has their own private outdoor yard so that your pet can maintain their good house potty habits.

Each suite is equipped with a luxury Kuranda bed for maximum comfort, Of course, guests are free to bring their own bedding if they wish…however, we find that most dogs enjoy the Kuranda beds! In fact, you may want to purchase your own!  Just ask us about them! We feed your food so that we can maintain your dogs own unique diet.  We welcome raw feeders.

Each building has stereo running during the day, just like at home.  If you like you can also book a room with a television (for a small additional fee).  In addition to their own yards, We have several large running yards which each dog has access to each day.

Traditional Boarding

Having owned both the classic escape artist as well as the extreme high drive dog, we know there are some dogs that just need the security of the traditional “kennel” boarding.  Don’t worry, we can serve those clients as well.  Our traditional boarding boasts 15’x5′ indoor/outdoor concrete runs.  The kennel is made of heavy gauge no climb wire. We even have some kennels with roofs for that special houdini! Each kennel has a Kuranda bed inside so that the dogs still have a soft spot to hang out. Misters and fans keep the kennels cool in the summer and radiant floor heat keeps it warm in the winter (this makes a wonderful option for senior dogs who are arthritic).

Just like with our luxury boarding, music permeates the air to reduce stress.  Visual barriers every other kennel (privacy guards) help reduce the visual stimulation between kennels.  These kennels are ideal for the dog who can jump the 6’2″ foot wooden fence that surrounds our Luxury boarding, as well as super high drive police, protection sports dogs that may not be suitable in our luxury boarding.

The individual attention, care and love we give to our visitors helps provide the most positive experience your pet can have away from home.

To Make it Even Easier – Take the First Step Now!

We have a two step process for our new boarding guests:

1 As our way of starting the relationship off right, we’d like to give you a free gift: Download our great article “Bad Dog or Bored Dog” to keep your dog safe and healthy – right now, for FREE!


2Go ahead and schedule your meet and greet. This time is set aside for us to meet you and your dog and for you to meet us. We’ll answer any questions you have and make it a snap to book your pet’s first stay with us. You can see first hand how our professional staff takes extra care to make your dog feel at home! PLUS you’ll get a special discount.


Whether you’re new to lodging or a seasoned veteran, you’ll love our attention to detail and consistently excellent care. Check out the activities and fun your pooch will have!