About Us

Gold Country K9 services provides a variety of services including boarding and training services for both pet and working dogs through Gold Country Pet Resort & Training Center, Inc.

About Us

Gold Country K9 services provides a variety of services including boarding and training services for both pet and working dogs through Gold Country Pet Resort & Training Center, Inc. In addition, Sierra Working Dogs breeds, raises and trains working line German Shepherds for a variety of 'occupations', including Police work, Search and Rescue, Nosework, Therapy, and a variety of AKC venues. Click on this link to read more about Sierra Working Dogs.

  • 20+Years of Training Experience
  • MasterPlan Pet Care Certified 5 Stars
  • 111 acres of Fun and Nature
  • Dog Sports - Dock Diving, Barn Hunt, etc.
  • Luxury Boarding & Breeding

A little background...

Gold Country K9 Services is owned and operated by Mike and Cherie Flores. Mike and Cherie searched for years for just the right piece of property for their pet resort. The opened the pet resort, because they were often called away for Search and Rescue missions. Mike and Cherie struggled to find the type of kennel they felt comfortable leaving their young up and coming search dogs. So, they decided to open one themselves. After over seven years of searching they finally found the perfect, well okay, almost perfect land to open their facility. Situated on a 111 acres in the Sierra Foothills between Jackson and Ione, they have plenty of space to provide their guests lots of privacy and room to run! Check out the accommodations to see more of their facility. Dogs do not have to be bunched together as there is lots of room. There are stunning views from our training field. We do have a long dirt road (over 1/2 mile) back to our facility, but it is this space with its stunning scenery that allows us to better serve our clients.

Cherie has been training dogs for over twenty years. She got involved training dogs back in 1989 after watching her own dog get hit by a car after failing to recall to her. Fortunately, her dog survived, but that drove her to seek out assistance in training her dog. She landed at a top notch facility in Sacramento and found she loved training so much, she grew to be the demo dog and then to start assisting the instructor. Back then the methodology was the traditional "yank and crank" which had some very good results, but had some shortfalls for she and her dog. In 1991, she took a break for four years to go to grad school, but immediately upon completion, was back training again. She was shocked to find all the changes that had taken place in the dog world in that short time. Suddenly they were using "clickers" and talking about how dolphins were trained. Focus was now on communication, not equipment like prong collars and choke chains. She welcomed the revolution and began assisting and eventually teaching classes of her own. She worked with hundreds of dogs in her tenure there, with all levels of problems, from lack of focus, to aggression issues, leaving only after moving to Amador county. For more about Cherie's philosophy, check out the training section.

In 1997, Cherie got involved in Search and Rescue. She chose the German Shepherd as her breed and got and trained her first search dog, Marco from 8 weeks old to certification. She fell in love with Search and Rescue. After a full career with Marco, she then trained her second dog, Rio and certified in area, avalanche and human remains detection. She and her partners have responded all over Northern California and Western Nevada on many many searches. She met Mike in Search and Rescue, who began his pursuit of training a canine, eventually certifying with "Jag" in 2004. Cherie and Mike are both currently training their next search partners. In addition to Search and Rescue, Cherie began competing in dog sport, specifically Schutzhund (IPO), which is a triathlon for dogs, consisting of tracking, obedience, and protection routines which must be successfully completed at a single trial. She took her first dog, Hexe, to National Competition in 2008. She has put titles on four different dogs (one to an IPO2, and three to IPO 3's) in the past seven years.